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Program/Project Implementation and Management

Project Management

In the management of programs and projects there are complex challenges that require professional treatment which is essential to the success of the program/project. Our staff has the ability and experience to manage large and complex projects. We know how to identify problems and resolve conflicts before they become critical and significant and may affect the proper continuation and success of the project. We focus on the big picture, establishing priorities and coordinating between the activities and resources in order to ensure that the project will be delivered successfully, on time and within budget.

We at T.C.M. Engineering bring an extensive experience in managing mega programs in the areas of: infrastructure, electro-mechanics, public transportation and energy. Our company’s engineers provide their professional knowledge in the construction and management area, while using various methodologies, including PMI PMBOK Guide® standard. In addition, the existing knowledge of using project management software tools, allow us to meet the project needs the most optimal way.

Schedule & Cost Management

Successful management of the schedule and budget is achieved through tight control during project implementation and on-going maintenance of the project schedule.

In order ensure the creation of a successful schedule and its maintenance, we at TCM Engineering provide support to our customer throughout the project life cycle from initiation to closure. To meet the program/project’s objectives, we provide monthly status report which reflects the conduct of the project, expected risks and implications and recommended action items for coping with them in order to limit damage and prevent changes in schedules.

Strategies in Engineering

Choosing the right Project Presentation strategy is an important step for the project’s success. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages based on the nature of the project, surface conditions, budget and resource limits and complexity.

When selecting a strategy to conduct the project, we at TCM Engineering carefully consider each and every strategy according to the characteristics of the project and build tailor made comprehensive implementation strategy which will lead the project to a successful outcome.

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